SeeChord is a revolutionary way of seeing music.

Imagine being able to take an x-ray of a piece of music and really find out how it is constructed. That is what SeeChord can do for you.

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SeeChord has many applications

It can be used in education for teaching subjects related to harmony such as Chord progressions, tonality, modes and cadences. SeeChord can show songwriters how to craft an intelligent song, or how other great songwriters constructed their songs. SeeChord can help performers to interpret complex passages or entire pieces of music by revealing their inner structure. SeeChord can guide you through the often baffling areas of music theory and lead to a far greater understanding of music.

SeeChord is innovative and new

Nothing like this has ever been seen before. SeeChord will reveal hidden patterns in music that have been waiting to be discovered for hundreds of years. SeeChord can lay bare the most complex chord progressions and make them accessible.  For example, check out our songwriting secrets page.

SeeChord takes just a few minutes to understand

You can start using it immediately on your own songs or compositions. Alternatively you can use our Personalized service to create charts and analysis of your own music.

To access the many exciting applications of SeeChord, take some time to familiarize yourself with the method by going through the Tutorial.

There are many applications that SeeChord is perfectly suited for in the realm of Education.

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