Song writing

The best song writers in the world will be able to go to their instrument and capture that moment of genius, perhaps in it’s compete and final form, without need of an encyclopaedic knowledge of harmony and technical composition. For the rest of us, any help we can get when it comes to understanding chord sequences is a massive help when it comes to constructing a robust song. Even when we are trying to be unconventional, it can really help to know how to be unconventional in an intelligent way. For a taster of how SeeChord can be used to write a song, have a look at the song construction topic in the tutorial.

There are many other topics in the tutorial that can help master the basic techniques that are used in song writing. Modulation or changing key is an essential skill if you want to write contrasting sections of a song, basic harmonic movement is crucial to understand if searching for chords that fit together well, and the ability to write in both major and minor keys is key to being a versatile song writer.

For more specific advice have a look at some of the services we can provide that will be targeted specifically at your project. If you have any general queries or ideas on how you would like to use SeeChord for yourself, get in touch with us via our contact page.