We offer a wide range of personalised services at SeeChord.  Whether you are interested in seeing a full chart of your a piece of  music, comparisons of two or more pieces of music, or a presentation that matches the chart with audio.  If you are interested in using a SeeChord chart for a website then send an email with your requirements to

Option 1 – Single analysis

Send us your piece of music, whether it be a song, an instrumental, or just a list of chords.  You can send it either as an audio file, or in musical score, or tab, or any other format you can think of!  We will analyse your piece of music and produce a full SeeChord chart of your piece.  You can also choose whether to have a written SeeChord analysis which will point out any strengths, weaknesses or other points of interest in your piece.

Price (according to length of piece of music) £50-£200.

Option 2 – Comparison

Send us more than one piece of music to compare and contrast.  For example, send us a song you have written, and a song from your favourite artist.  We will compare and contrast your chord structures, producing charts to accompany the analysis.  This can really help to guide you on your way towards writing better music.

Price (according to length of piece of music) £100-£400

Option 3 – Presentation

The best way to enhance understanding of a piece of music is to be able to see the chart synchronised with the music as you can see on the site.  Send us the audio file and we will do the rest.

Price (according to length of piece of music) £150-£500.

Send us your music!