SeeChord was born out of a desire to teach the basic concepts of harmony to students.  While playing or studying a piece of music it is always important to have an insight into how the chords or harmony shape the piece of music.  Until now there has been no clear way to view how the harmony of a piece of music changes across the entire piece.  Even for professional musicians it can be a challenge to envisage how a composer or songwriter has moved from one section to another, whether a key change is secure, or how the key of a piece is established at the beginning and end.

SeeChord was developed from closely working with the circle of fifths and using it to visualise chord progressions.  However the circle of fifths quickly becomes confusing when examining a long chord progression as the user has to rely either on memory to visualise the whole progression, or rely on a series of very messy arrows!  SeeChord picks up from where the circle of fifths ends by stretching out the circle of fifths along the y-axis of a chart and using the x-axis to represent time.  In this way, the power and the patterns generated by the circle of fifths is preserved, but can be viewed over entire pieces.

SeeChord opens up discussion, analysis and comparisons between pieces of music that simply was not possible before.  It allows musicians with no formal training to create harmonic sequences that are consistent, intelligent, and above all, sound great!  Quite simply, if it looks good on a SeeChord chart, it will sound good.

SeeChord has been used by professional musicians, composers, songwriters, teachers and students to enhance their understanding of music.  It will show you patterns in music that nobody has ever seen before!

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SeeChord can be used to show any chord progressions or harmonic sequences in an intuitive and visual way. Combined with listening to the music, SeeChord can provide a greater understanding of music, showing the patterns in music in an innovative and exciting way. Whether for analysis, education, songwriting or performance, SeeChord can illuminate the hidden secrets of music.