People are saying

“SeeChord was easy to follow and made much more sense than just being told what chords are used.” – Student

“The charts made it much easier to see and understand harmonic sequences or motifs used in a piece.” – Student

“SeeChord allowed modulations to become clear.  It uses a simple idea to describe complex theories.” – Student

“SeeChord helped very much.  I could see clear chord progressions and odd “quirks” that composers have.” – Student

“SeeChord is very visual and very easy to see how it plots the harmony.” – Student

“You can see how harmony has a pattern to it and the charts help you hear harmonic progressions that you have found difficult before like a circle of fifths.” – Student

“SeeChord shows chord progressions and how chords relate to eachother in a simple graphic form.” – Teacher

“The charts showed how chords in music move around the circle of fifths and how this creates different effects and atmospheres.” – Teacher

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