SeeChord is an innovative system that unlocks the secrets of chord progressions and harmony. SeeChord represents the harmony of a piece of music on a chart, allowing the user to see how the composer or songwriter has used chords to create a structure for their piece. Once you have looked at a few charts, you will soon begin to see patterns that crop up time and time again from Bach to the Beatles.

Let’s start with the basic chart:
It is important to notice how the chords are arranged in the left-hand column. They are all a fifth apart. If you are familiar with the circle of fifths then you can see this column as a section of the circle.

Basic Chart

This arrangement allows the chords that are most closely related to be displayed next to each other. Now let’s familiarize ourselves with the basic symbols that will appear in the chart:



So by inserting the symbols in the correct position, our first patterns begin to emerge.

Chart with symbols

The symbols can then be connected with lines. There are some different types of connector depending on the relationship between the connected chords, but for now, let’s just connect the chords with simple straight connectors.

[seeChordViewer src=”/content/Application/Tutorial/basicchart3-viewer”]

Now let’s fill in the rest of the eight bars of this piece.

[seeChordViewer src=”/content/Application/Tutorial/basicchart4a-viewer”]


Now we can see that patterns have begun to emerge and we can start to trace the movement of the harmony through the piece.
You are now ready to start interpreting charts for yourself and discovering your own secrets of composition and song-writing!

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